Home page in the Microsoft Money product

Microsoft Money allows two different pages to be the 'home' page. This is the page displayed when you press the 'home' option in the program, not necessarily the initial page displayed (Article 377).

The page can be changed to either show a view of the Money file, the 'My Money' page, or a view of MSN Money news.

To change the behavior, go to Tools->Settings and select Program Settings. In the image below, you can see the drop down list for the 'Default Home Page'.

Default home page setting for Microsoft Money

The options shown are for the two display items mentioned above. These are 'My Money' and 'MSN Money News'. You might not see the drop down list labelled as the image, as some versions will label the items as 'My personal finances' and 'News and Commentaries from MSN Money'.

Older versions of Microsoft Money allows something called the 'Task Based Home Page', which provided a page of shortcuts to various parts of the program.

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