Changing the startup page

By default, Microsoft Money will start up on its 'home' page, which is usually either the 'My Money' page, or the MSN Money news internet page.

It is possible to change this to another page, which you may want to see first, such as your account list.

To change it, click on tools->settings and select the program settings option. In the display box, at the top of this page, change the 'Start Money with this page open:' option.

Start Money with this page open - option for Microsoft Money

The available selections are
  1. Money Home
  2. Last account register used
  3. Account list
  4. Bills summary
  5. Investing home
  6. Budget
  7. Planning home
  8. Taxes home
  9. Reports
Some of these selections are not available, depending on your version of Money.

Note that there are two options for the default home page, see Article 378.

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