Is it worth buying or upgrading to a newer version

Choosing whether to buy or upgrade Microsoft Money is a question that is difficult to answer. Should you upgrade it? Do you need to upgrade? Perhaps some other software is better for you (eg QuickBooks, Quicken or Moneydance).

With this in mind, I can't answer this question. Your needs are likely to be different from mine. If you are considering Microsoft Money though, then I would recommend trying a trial version first. They are linked off my trials page page. The trial versions of Microsoft Money are time restricted, but free to download and use. Should you like it, you can purchase the full version - see this page for US versions and this page for UK versions.

Microsoft in the US allow you to purchase Microsoft Money in a 'download' format, where you download a small part of the program when you pay for it online, and then this downloads the rest. To do this, you need a Microsoft Passport.

I mention it because there have previously been a number of problems with this mechanism - mainly, what happens if you need to reinstall, or lose the download file (or haven't got a record of any key that they may give you). Another problem is that sometimes for some people, the download doesn't quite work. My advice (and that of some of the newsgroup posters) is, if you are upgrading or buying for the first time, always opt for the physical media (CD), as this will allow you to install again if you need to, and, you still have recourse if the media gets damaged as Microsoft can replace it.

Downloading software is the way Microsoft Money is going in the future (Full Money 2009 Announcement). The new digital river downloads for Money 2007 and Money Plus seems to have had a lot less problems that the download mechanisms on earlier versions.

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