Creating web site favorites

On the Microsoft Money menu, under Favorites, there are three options, to show favorite accounts, favorite reports and favorite web sites.

Adding favorite accounts and reports is relatively straightforward. For accounts, you need just designate the account as a favorite in the account settings page. With reports, adding it to your favorites is all you need do. In both of these cases, the account or report will then appear in the Favorites menu.

For websites, things are slightly trickier. In some versions of Microsoft Money, you might see and entry entitled 'Your banks' which lists online banks you have set up. It is possible though, to add in your own favorite web sites, so you can navigate directly from the Money program to these sites.

The 'Add to Favorites...' option is not available unless the page being viewed is eligible to be added. In the first image below, I have navigated to and then selected the menu.

Adding a favourite website to Microsoft (MS) Money

If this is the first time that you have added such a site, Microsoft Money will ask you for the name of a folder in which you want to store your favorites. This folder will appear in Internet Explorer in your favorites there. The default name for this folder is 'Financial Links'.

Creating the favorites subdirectory in Microsoft Money

Once you create this folder, it will appear in your Internet Explorer favorites, and the favorite you added will be seen in the dropdown menu. This can then be selected directly from the menu.

Favorite website added to Microsoft Money favorites

Because the favorites you may add are also stored in Internet Explorer, you can also select them from that program and view them in a normal browser. They will not be available in other browsers, such as Firefox and Opera.

Microsoft Money favorite in the Financial Links favorite folder in IE favourites

Once this folder is present in Internet Explorer, it is possible to add more financial favorites just by adding them to this folder in IE. They will be automatically seen in Microsoft Money.

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