H&R Block TaxCut Update for Microsoft Money 2006

You may receive a message from TaxCut telling you that you need to update your Microsoft Money 2006 program when trying to import your Microsoft Money file into TaxCut 2005.

If this is the case, then you will need the update that H&R Block have released, which is required to allow TaxCut to import directly from a Microsoft Money 2006 data file.

The fix can be found on the TaxCut website, or through this link.

To install it, make sure Microsoft Money 2006 is not running (this includes access through a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device). Then run the downloaded program.

If you receive any instructions from the Microsoft Money update program, please follow them. Once this has finished, you can return to TaxCut and import your Microsoft Money 2006 file again.

I have received one report of this update breaking synchonization with a pocket pc, so that is something to watch out for.

Thanks to Gerard Walls for the pocket pc sync report

Category: Tax

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