Saving MS Money reports as PDF Files

Microsoft Money will allow you to save reports to your desktop, or in an email or allow you to print them. However, it does not have a native Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file output.

It is possible though, to save in the PDF format, although you will rely on third party software to do this.

What you need is a 'virtual' printer which can save output to a PDF file, such as pdf995 or cutepdf. Once you've installed software such as this, and then using the standard File->Print option, you will be able to select the PDF printer and then save the report as a PDF file.

Alternatively purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional. Adobe Acrobat allows you to easily convert documents and spreadsheets into Adobe PDF files.

You may obtain Adobe Acrobat professional through Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

Thanks to Cal Learner, MVP for some of the article above

Category: Reports

Keywords: PDF, pdf995, CutePDF, Adobe Acrobat