BASE currency in Microsoft Money

The BASE currency in Microsoft Money (seen in the picture below) is the main or default currency used in the program. When setting up new accounts, it is the one which is selected by default. When viewing reports which use more than one currency, amounts are usually converted to report in that currency. If viewing the account list, the total at the bottom of all accounts is also in the base currency.

Currencies page showing BASE currency in Microsoft Money

You can choose or change the base currency by going to Tools->Settings->Program Settings->Update Currencies, and selecting the new currency. Press the 'Set as Base currency' button. Pressing it will not change the currency of any of your accounts though - if you need to change them, do that in the individual account details themselves.

The base currency additionally defines which accounts can be used with Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC (Article 86/Article 222).

In addition, there is a currency called the PLANNING BASE. See Article 338 for more details. This is usually the base currency, but doesn't have to be.

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