Can I scan in receipts into my Microsoft Money file

This article is relevant to versions of Microsoft Money up to and including Money 2007. For Microsoft Money Plus and later, see Article 504.

It is not possible to scan images into Microsoft Money for a permanent record of spending or receipt of money. However, there is nothing to stop you storing scanned images separately from the Microsoft Money file, using the 'num' or memo fields as an identifier to help you match the file with the transaction.

The only part of Microsoft Money that really allows for 'attached' data is the inventory. However, this is only a pointer to a filesystem location and no images are stored in the Money file.

Microsoft Money files are quite large in any event, and having images in them would make it really huge.

If you do want to store receipts, by all means do so. But save them as JPEG or GIF images and manage them separately.

Category: FileManagement

Keywords: GIF, Inventory, Receipt, Image, JPEG, Scan