Using a single PDA with two desktop machines running Microsoft Money

This is a similar issue to Article 85, except if you have a single PDA (Palm or Pocket PC device) which you use with two computers (for example, a home computer and a work computer).

David Kendall, from Ultrasoft, who make the Ultrasoft Money (Article 84) and Ultrasoft Moneylink (Article 30) programs, said the following about this issue in the Microsoft Money newsgroups back in 2001.

It will *not* let you synchronize your PDA with two Money databases, or two copies of one database on two different computers (which are in fact two separate Money databases).

The problem is that when you enter a transaction twice (into two Microsoft Money databases), they are physically different transactions (most likely with separate database record ids). Both PDA programs [DK is referring to Ultrasoft Money and Microsoft Money for the PocketPC] link back to the original record id to track changes. When you sync a new transaction, it is linked to the new record created in MS Money. When you sync with a second computer/database, that record isn't present.

There's really no way for the software to tell (at least without expensive and painful Borg technology), that the second $100 cash withdrawal on the same day wasn't because you ran out of pocket money.

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