Converting from Intuit Quicken 98 to Microsoft Money 2004 and later

Primarily in the UK (although in other regions too), there have been a number of instances when a file will not convert from Intuit Quicken 98 directly to Microsoft Money 2004 or later, even though Money should support this upgrade. Fortunately, it has been found that by going through an intermediate version of Money, it is possible in many cases to get the file converted.

Before starting, it is worth validating your Quicken file by using the File->Validate command. In addition, a File->Copy from Quicken reportedly defragments the quicken file, the copy can then be defragmented.

A separate page on this conversion is at Article 3

A couple of people have been unlucky in that this conversion doesn't work for them, and they should see the same page for more information. Manual export of your accounts as QIF and then importing into the Money version is an option in these circumstances (see Article 28).

If you have any message about converting a 'Pound' currency to 'British Pound', then it is worth reading Article 38, as this might cause you to make a change to the Quicken file and redo the conversion.

For a brief summary of why Microsoft can't or won't make this process better, see Article 285.

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