Investments in Quicken are all transferred as managed funds

When importing an Intuit Quicken file into Microsoft Money, all investment types are converted to managed funds even when they are correctly identified as Shares in Quicken.

It is not trivial to fix, but here is how one user worked through this to solve the issue:
  1. Create new securities in Quicken. When doing this the choice is limited to the standard Quicken types which are "Stock", "Unit/Inv. Trust", "Bond/Gilt", "Fixed-term Deposit" and "Other". Note no share types! When converting these new securities into Money they all came over as "Managed Funds", except "Bond/Gilt" which got correctly imported as "Bond".

  2. Tried changing or editing the types of existing securities in Quicken. Here more types are available for use, which are "Bond", "Emp. Stock Opt.", "ESPP", "Fixed Term Depo", "Gilt", "Market Index", "Other", "Share", "Stock", "Unit/Inv Trust" and "Unit/Inv. Trust". When importing into Money these all came across as "Managed Funds".

  3. I then tried adding two new security types "Shares" and "Stocks". I then changed / edited the types of some existing securities to use these new type names. On importing to Money "Stocks" came across as "Managed Fund" but finally "Shares" came across correctly as "Stocks"!!!
So in my case what was needed was adding a new security type "Shares" and then editing the type of my existing securities ( actually they were defind
as "Share" or "Stock" ). That did the trick.

Thanks to Ian in the UK Money newsgroup and Cal Learner, MVP for the workthrough on this

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