Account balances in Microsoft Money

When using Microsoft Money, you will see that your account balance value is shown in three locations (possibly more, if you include reports etc). These are the account list, the account register and the cash flow forecast .

These balances are calculated in different ways, and so might not be exactly what you expect. However, the figures should all be correct:
  1. The Account list will show the balance of the account with all future transactions as seen in the account register included (this is also the value shown on the Microsoft Money home page).
  2. The Account register shows the individual items in the account with a rolling balance. The final balance figure should match the value in the account list.
  3. The Cash flow forecast starting figure will be today's figure in the account register plus all of the overdue bills/deposits entries included.
If the value of the account in the account list and the final balance figure on the account register don't match, then you should try a repair on the file (see Article 257).

Category: Accounts

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