Home page modules for Microsoft Money 2005 and later

The list of customizable modules for the Microsoft Money home page in Money 2005 and later is below (see also Article 309). This is not an exhaustive list, and some modules only display under particular circumstances.

UK 2005US 2006Int 2005US NameUK NameNotes
 y Advisor FYI (Taxes)  
yyyBest and Worst PerformersBest and Worst Performers 
yyyBills and DepositsBills & Deposits 
yy Financial newsBreaking News 
yyyBudget SummaryBudget SummaryOnly shows if advanced budget is set
yyyCash Flow ForecastCash Flow Forecast 
yyyDebt Reduction PlanDebt Reduction Plan ChartOnly shows if a DRP is set
yyyDebt Reduction ProgressDebt Reduction Progress 
 y Estimated taxes  
yy Advisor FYI (Accounts and Bills)Expert Assistant (Accounts & Bills)  
yy Advisor FYI (All)Expert Assistant (All) 
yy Advisor FYI (Investing)Expert Assistant (Investing) 
yy Advisor FYI (Planning and Debt)Expert Assistant (Planning, Debt and Credit) 
yyyFavorite AccountsFavourite Accounts 
y y [Month to date] Favourite Categories 
yyyFlagged TransactionsFlagged Transactions 
yyyGet a quoteGet Online Prices 
yy Headlines from MSN MoneyHeadlines from MSN Money 
yyyHome Expenses this YearHome Expenses this Year 
yy Home InventoryHome Inventory 
yyyImportant DatesImportant Dates 
yyyIncome and ExpensesIncome and Expenses 
 yyInvestment chart of the day  
yyyInvestment PerformanceInvestment Performance 
yyyInvestment SummaryInvestment Summary 
 y Latest mortgage interest rates  
yyyPotential Recurring TransactionsPotential Recurring Transactions 
yy Home equityProperty Value 
yy Recent MSN AlertsRecent MSN Alerts 
yy RemindersReminders 
yyySpending by CategorySpending by Category 
 y Spending Tracker  
yyyVehicle Expenses this YearVehicle Expenses this Year 
yyyWhat's New in Microsoft MoneyWhat's New in Microsoft Money 

If you spot a module in your version that is not listed above, please let me know.

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