How do I create a Money file offline or without a Passport

Recent versions of Microsoft Money like you to create a passport as part of the setup routine. This is so Money can access online banks, the investment portfolio online or, in the case of downloadable versions of Microsoft Money, so the rest of the program can be downloaded (See also Article 297 - why Microsoft want you to use Passport).

In some regions (UK and France are two good examples), the benefit of a Microsoft Passport is limited to the investment synchronization, and for many people it's not worth having one.

When you start Microsoft Money, to avoid using passport, and to allow you to create a file if you're offline, you must decline to use a Microsoft Passport. You will find the option to avoid using one on the setup page entitled: "Choose how you sign in to Money".

Setup window for Microsoft Money showing choice of not having a Passport

If you then press Next>, you will be prompted for a standard password for your file.

If you later choose to create a passport, then you can do this from the File>Password Manager option on the menu bar.

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