Using an irregular or custom bill or deposit sequence

Many people have bills or deposits where they want to use their own custom sequence for scheduling the transactions. It may be a seemingly simple schedule, like every three weeks, or more complex, such as the first Friday of the month.

Sometimes people will compare this with Microsoft Outlook calendar and task entries, which has a very customizable model.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Money does not support this type of custom sequence. If it is not one of the built in frequencies, then you will need to either enter the sequence manually, or use a combination of existing ones in some way.

The built in frequencies are: Only Once, Daily, Weekly, Every other week, Twice a month, Every four weeks, Monthly, Every other month, Every three months, Every four months, Twice a year, Yearly and Every other year. See the image below.

Frequency selections for Microsoft Money bills and deposits scheduling sequences
For example, a bill which is due on the 1st and 15th of the month could be tracked by using two monthly bill entries (an 'every other week' wouldn't work due to the 29th being picked up).

To schedule a 3 week interval, you could create four bills, each dated 3 weeks apart. These are then individually scheduled every 3 months. It doesn't quite match the schedule though, so will need tweaking every so often.

Not a lot can be modelled directly like this, but you can alter existing bill series (Edit->Edit a single bill occurrence in the Bills Summary) to change information to match your sequencing.

This is a very frequently asked for wish for Microsoft Money. Microsoft haven't yet been able to provide this.

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