Column headings in the Account Register

The account register will show you details about your transactions relating to a particular account. The purposes of the columns are listed below.

Account Register Column Names in Microsoft Money

  • Red Flag (): A flag appears in here is used to indicate a flagged transaction (right click on the transaction and select 'Flag for follow-up').
  • Red Exclamation (!): Column contains certain money icons relating to the transaction, such as 'potentially recurring transaction'. See also Money Icons.
  • Num: Typically used to denote an ATM, Debit or the Check Number
  • Date: The date of the transaction in the register (not necessarily the date the transaction was entered).
  • Payee: The person, company or other entity to which your transaction was paid, transferred or received from.
  • C: The cleared status of the transaction. Possible entries are
    1. R - Reconciled. Transaction have been balanced against a statement
    2. C - Cleared. Transaction is cleared, but not yet reconciled
    3. E - Electronically Cleared. Information has been downloaded from the bank or financial institution
    4. Empty. No cleared data received
  • Payment or Charge: A debit from the account
  • Deposit or Credit: A credit received on the account
  • Balance: The balance of the account after the transaction has been entered.
Some account types may use additional terminology. For example, assets and liabilities use 'Increase' and 'Decrease' interchangeably for the 'Payment' and 'Deposit' columns.

It is not possible to directly change the width of the columns. Indirectly, they can be resized by resizing the Microsoft Money window.

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