Deleting an investment in Microsoft Money

If you need to delete an investment in Microsoft Money, then you should use the option in the Portfolio Manager. This is located under the 'common tasks' heading on the left hand menu, under 'work with investments' -> 'delete an investment'. Microsoft Money will then give you a window which lists your investments in the file.

Some of these will be in a light grey color, indicating they can not be deleted. If you select any of these, Microsoft Money will show a message saying 'Some of the investments you selected can't be deleted because you still have open positions. You need to close the positions before you can delete the investment.'

Those which you can delete can be removed from here. If you need to delete one which is not available at this point, then go to the investment and close the position.

If you've been tracking the stock in a 'watch account', then you won't have a position, but Microsoft Money may not allow you to delete the investment. When you create stocks for the watch account, Microsoft Money actually creates a single 'buy' transaction of zero units. You should remove this by going to the portfolio manager and either opening up the investment details by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to the investment, and deleting the transaction shown, or right clicking on the investment name and selecting 'delete'.

Having got to this point, Microsoft Money hasn't quite deleted your investment (you've only deleted the transactions). Go back to the start of this procedure, and delete the investment using the 'delete an investment' option.

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