Day to Day accounts option in Cash Flow Forecast

In the cash flow forecast window, you can select accounts to view the forecast of. Some of the more useful features are at the bottom of the drop down list. The option 'multiple accounts' allows you to select a user defined selection of accounts. However, there is an option 'All Day-to-day accounts', and in the small business version, an option to view 'Business Accounts'.

Day-to-day accounts are those that could be used on a daily basis (e.g. bank, savings, cash and credit card accounts - this includes cash parts of investment accounts). Non 'day-to-day' would be asset, liability, loan, investment and retirement accounts.

The only accounts that are made selectable in the cash flow forecast dropdown are what are defined as 'day to day' accounts. This option is present to allow you to quickly select all accounts, although this is duplicated in the option 'multiple accounts' as you can select all of the accounts through there.

It is probably not called 'all accounts' as then it could imply that all of the accounts in the Microsoft Money file should be shown, which it doesn't do.

Category: Budget

Keywords: cash flow, day to day, account