Combining a Microsoft Money file with Money for the Pocket PC

If you have both data on a Pocket PC device, and also data in a Microsoft Money file, but these are not synchronized, then you will need to be careful in preserving the data on both, should you wish to combine them. If you don't, a new Money file on the desktop might overwrite transactions on your Pocket PC.

The instructions are contained in the readme for the Money for the Pocket PC software. They are shown below too:
  1. Run Money on your desktop PC. Create an empty file by selecting "New File..." from the File menu. Name the file "FromPocketPC." DO NOT enter ANY information into this file. This file will be used to temporarily store the information from your Pocket PC. Exit Money.
  2. Connect your Pocket PC to your desktop PC and synchronize. The information stored on your Pocket PC will be sent to your desktop PC and entered into the "FromPocketPC" file.
  3. Once synchronization is complete, open Money on your desktop PC. The "FromPocketPC" file should now contain all of the information from your Pocket PC. Select "Export..." on the File menu in Microsoft Money. Choose the "Loose QIF" option and export all of your financial data from the "FromPocketPC" file.
  4. When the export is complete, open your original desktop Money file.
  5. On the File menu, select "Import..." and import the "Loose QIF" files you just exported in the previous step.
  6. Money will help you to reconcile and merge the financial data from your Pocket PC. When you are finished, close Money.
  7. Open ActiveSync on your desktop PC. Select Microsoft Money, click Options, and then click Settings. Click Browse and select the newly merged file on your desktop PC from the list of available Money files. This will allow ActiveSync to synchronize your newly merged file with your Pocket PC. Click OK. ActiveSync is now set up to synchronize your new Money file with your Pocket PC.
Please remember to make a backup of your money file before starting this procedure (Article 94).

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