When I balance an account, the starting balance is wrong

When starting the balancing wizard (Article 399), you will be shown an opening balance which is equal to the closing balance the last time you performed a reconciliation, or equal to the opening balance of the account if this is the first time you have balanced.

If this value is incorrect, then you should check the following which could have occurred since the last time you balances:
  • A reconciled transaction has been deleted since the last time you balanced
  • An unreconciled transaction has been changed to reconciled
  • The opening balance of the account has been modified
Usually, when checking these, you will find a problem transaction, and by changing it back, the issue will be solved.

If you can't find the problem, then you might need to go through old statements to find a removed or incorrectly recorded transaction, which can be time consuming.

Category: Accounts

Keywords: Unreconciled, start, balance