Morningstar Fund Information & Operations

Morningstar provide fund information to MSN Money, which is then used by MS Money for the prices of investment funds in the portfolio.

Occasionally, information is passed on about their philosophy and how they choose funds or operate their business.

A message from the company to a UK user is shown below.

We do provide a feed to MS Money, which is updated on a monthly basis. We are working with fund companies all the time to add funds to our database, especially those that we receive requests for from the data users like yourself. We do work with fund companies to obtain data on their funds, but we do not charge them or any company to add funds to our database. We sell our products and or data to financial institutions, like MS Money for distribution of the data on their website or in other materials.

We are working very hard right now to add Pension funds to our system. We do not include Pension funds in the feed to MS Money now, but at some point in the future we would be in a position to provide it to them should they want to add them.

Category: Investment

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