Microsoft Money 2007 Timeline

Tracking the Money 2008 release can be found at Article 405.

The current available versions of Microsoft Money are MS Money Plus 2008 in the US and Japan, MS Money 2006 in Canada, and MS Money 2005 in the UK, France and there is an "International" 2005 version.
  • I suspect this will be the last update on this page. I have posted an article (Article 435) regarding the UK version. [30th September 2006]

  • Given that no information has been forthcoming about the UK, French and International English versions, I think it's pretty safe to say there won't be versions of these this year. No beta testers as far as I have gathererd have been contacted either. [Tuesday 19th September]

  • Some information on the Canadian version has been put on Article 422 [Friday 28th July]

  • There is no news on other international versions of Money 2007. So, no information for the UK, France etc [Monday 24th July]

  • Microsoft Money 2007 is now released in the US. One new item of news is related to the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices - see Article 415. [Friday 21st July]

  • System requirements are now available at Article 406. [Friday 21st July]

  • Box shots are now available on the individual product pages (see the US products here). Larger ones are available on the marketing downloads page too (in the product images section). [Saturday 15th July]

  • No information to report recently, so there have been no changes to this page. You can still pre-order though. [Wednesday 12th July]

  • You can now pre-order MS Money 2007 Deluxe and MS Money 2007 Premium from These items will be released on July 27th 2006. [Sunday 18th June]

  • US users may notice that the support options from Microsoft have changed on one of Microsoft's support pages at Listed on the page are 4 (yes, four) versions of Money - the three I've already mentioned (Deluxe, Premium and Home and Business) and something called 'Money Essentials'. More news on that product when it is available. Note that if you normally see another country's support page, you probably won't see this list. [Friday 16th June]

  • You can now Pre-Order MS Money 2007 Home and Business from It will be released on July 27th. [Wednesday 14th June]

  • SKUs for the products that will soon be available on Amazon are listed on Article 138. [Monday 12th June]

  • Amazon have added three MS Money 2007 versions to their pages:
    1. MS Money 2007 Deluxe
    2. MS Money 2007 Premium
    3. MS Money 2007 Home and Business
    No Standard SKU was listed. The items are not yet available for pre-order, nor are many details about them mentioned. [Wednesday 7th June]

  • The internet based services policy is available. I'm not sure how long this page has been up, but there wasn't really any problem in finding it. You can read the full text at: According to it, there is the expiration feature (as in previous versions) - it is 2 years or September 1st 2009. That is the only thing different to the 2006 version. [Sunday 4th June]

  • The Microsoft Money 2007 US beta program is running. There is no information about any other beta programs for Money 2007 (for example for the UK, France). [undated]

  • The Money 2007 US Beta will start very soon [Sunday 7th May]

  • Invitations for a Money 2007 Private Beta on Microsoft Connect have been sent to some people [Tuesday 18th April]

  • What's to come from Microsoft in 2006 - (basically MS Money 2007 is on the list with an estimated date of Summer 2006) [Added 28 December 2005]
If you want to submit a wish for a future version of Microsoft Money then see Article 10.

Note that this page is only updated when there is some public information available. Information covered under NDA will not be added. All dates are 2006, unless otherwise specified.

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