Updating the Ultrasoft Moneylink Excel Add-in

If you upgrade Money, you will need to upgrade the Moneylink Excel Add-in, if you use it. This is because the add-in it tied to a particular version of the product.

To do this, you will need to remove the old add-in first. This is so that the new version doesn''t pick up files from the older one.

To install the new add-in, follow the following procedure:
  1. Remove Moneylink from Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs (it will be named Ultrasoft MoneyLink
  2. Start Excel and select Tools->Add-ins on the menu (see below)

    Excel add-in window showing MoneyLink Add-in
  3. Close Excel
  4. Install the new version (download link is above)
  5. The procedure should check to whether a version already exists, if so, select ''remove'' (and run the setup again)
  6. Open Excel again and browse to the Tools->Add-ins menu again
  7. Select ''Browse'' and navigate to the Moneylink directory (typically C:\Program Files\Ultrasoft Moneylink). You''ll need to select it and press OK
  8. You should see it selected in the add-in window - and it should now be useable
To use Moneylink, look at Article 30.

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