Converting Microsoft Money 98 or 99 to Money 2006

If you find that converting from Microsoft Money 98 or 99 to Money 2006 doesn't work, AND you're using a Windows 9x based system (ie, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 95, but not Windows XP), then it might not be possible to convert your file directly.

To overcome this issue, do one of the following:
  1. Upgrade to Windows XP
  2. Convert via another version of Money (e.g. a trial) - see trial downloads page. Additionally take a look at Article 294.
  3. Do the conversion on another machine (which is running XP), and then move the converted file onto the original machine
The reason why the file will not convert is that Microsoft Money 98 and 99 uses the MS Jet database. There is a potential security hole in one of the DLL files used in the database (msjet32.dll), and Money 2006 does not ship with this DLL to avoid security issues. Therefore an intermediate step is required. Windows XP does not generally experience this issue.

In addition, some Windows XP users could be affected unless you have installed software which includes the msjet35.dll file, and this is on your path. Search the hard drive, and see if there are any copies of msjet35.dll. If so, see if it is on the path. If that folder is not listed on the path, copy the files to the MnyCoreFiles folder (it is a hidden folder in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money 2006). You may also need to copy a couple of other msj*35.dll files - msjint35.dll and msjter35.dll.

Afterwards, do your conversion, then delete the files so that you are not open to the security flaws. You can always re-install Money 98 or 99 and get a copy of msjet35.dll and the other DLLs from there.

To find what is on the path, open a Command Prompt and type "ECHO %PATH%" (without the quotes). This will list all the folders on the path, separated by semi-colons.

Note: There are only US, Canadian and Japanese versions of Microsoft Money 2006 ( Article 220).

Thanks to Bob Peel, MVP for the part of this article relating to Windows XP

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