How do I sign up for a Microsoft Money Beta

Microsoft Money betas historically ran in the early summer, but with the Microsoft Money US 2006 release, the beta ran a lot earlier than in previous years. The Microsoft Money 2007 beta ran in mid-May, and the Money Plus beta started early June.

The 'formal' way to be considered for a beta is to go to the Microsoft Connect website - Select Available Programs, and you will be prompted to log in with a registered Passport account. From the list of Available Programs, select 'apply' to sign up for a program.

If you're selected for the Microsoft Money beta program, you should hear around the time of the beta whether you have been selected - it will be listed in the Microsoft Connect system, and/or you will receive an invitation by email. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether you want to be included. You'll need to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) - this will state that you are agreeing you won't talk, post or divulge information about anything related to the beta until Microsoft allow you too. The NDA is increasingly become electronic.

Note that Microsoft take the NDA very seriously, and people have been removed from the Microsoft Money beta program in the past (and will not get invited again) for disclosing information they shouldn't have done.

Information should not even be shared after the beta program has ended - the NDA should state the time period (five years is a usual amount).

If you're not selected, then you won't hear anything at all from Microsoft. However, you can always apply again next year. Active participation in newsgroups (Article 6) can sometimes get you an invite.

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