FTSE or other Exchange Indices in Microsoft Money 2001 or earlier don't update

The investment symbol used to download the FTSE 100 index and some other indices from MSN Money requires changing - this is due to some changes made in MSN Money. However, you are unable to find a way of changing it and you get messages saying the existing symbol is not found. In the case of the FTSE100, it needs to be changed to $GB:UKX, whereas it was previously $US:FTSE.

Microsoft Money versions 2001 and earlier do not allow you to change the investment symbols of indices, so if you want to track the FTSE100 index again, you will need a workaround.

This workaround is to create a new investment in a "watch account" which uses the new exchange symbol ($GB:UKX for the FTSE100). Add a zero unit "buy investment" transaction, and you should start seeing the index download.

  1. Go to the portfolio
  2. If you don't have an 'investments to watch' account, then create a new investment account with this name and, in the account details, check the option 'watch account'.
  3. Then add a new investment to the account
  4. Choose a name (eg 'FTSE 100') and add the new symbol (eg $GB:UKX)
  5. Where is asks you how many units you wish to buy, put in zero.
  6. Finish creating the investment
  7. Run an online update on your money file
  8. Check that you have a value for the FTSE 100 investment.
You won't be able to use this for comparisons as an index, but may be able to as a stock.

An interesting addendum to this article is that one user used a Hex editor to change the symbol in Money 2000 - see his blog entry here.

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