Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2002 US Versions

The features of each US 2002 versions are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. System Requirements can be found at Article 155.

Manage Your Finances StandardDeluxeDeluxe & BusinessSuite
Create an electronic checkbookxxxx
Schedule and pay bills onlinexxxx
Budget, track spending, and view monthly reportsxxxx
Export to tax softwarexxxx
Synchronize with MSN Moneyxxxx
Receive Advisor FYI™ financial guidancexxxx
Debt Reduction Plannerxxxx
Automatically download financial statementsxxxx
Make smarter decisions on the Web with MoneySidexxxx
Prioritize financial goalsxxxx
Analyze your portfolio xxx
Estimate taxes and capital gains xxx
Lifetime Planner for retirement, home buying, college, etc xxx
Create "what-if" scenarios to see how events could affect your finances (Article 410) xxx
Managing your finances with Money 2002 book xxx
Determine target asset allocation xxx
For your small business needs
Automatically categorize taxes for Schedule C  x 
Track receivables and payables  x 
Create, design, customize and email invoices  x 
Manage customers and vendors  x 
Track and manage inventory  x 
For personal taxes and legal
TaxCut from H&R Block   x
   Seamless import from Money   x
   Customized interview tailored to your tax situation   x
   File electronically or print ready-to-file forms   x
Kiplinger's Home & Business Attorney   x
   Over 1000+ document possibilities   x
   Easy-to-understand video explanations
   from experts
   5-volume Home & Business Legal Library   x

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