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In the US, there are three boxed products available for Microsoft Money. These are the Money Plus Home and Business, Money Plus Premium and Money Plus Deluxe versions. In addition, there is a Money Plus Essentials edition, which is an online version of the software (you are required to be online to use it). The product naming changed for the 2008 release, and the new name "Money Plus" is, in all intents and purposes, the equivalent of Money 2008. Information on Money Plus can be found in various locations on this site. You can check the timeline at Article 405. System requirements can be found at Article 489 and what's new in it at Article 500.

In the UK there is now only one version (the Deluxe version was withdrawn from sale in late 2005) - Money UK 2005 Standard version. Other regions also only have one version (including Canada - Money Canada 2006 Standard version). The links below point to pages which show summaries of the most recent versions. Comparison charts can be found on the features article page.

In addition, there are a number of other regionalized versions, namely French, Japanese, Canadian and an 'International' version. The international version is an English edition sold in New Zealand, Australia and some other locations which is like the other Microsoft Money versions, but has all of the localizations for other countries removed - it could be described as a 'bare' version of Microsoft Money, as it includes core features and relatively few, if any, customizations.

More Information on Microsoft Money Individual Products

There is information about individual UK, US and Canadian products through the Product Viewer (US versions here, Canadian versions here and the UK versions here).
Some older versions are still available, should system incompatibilities mean you cannot upgrade. The SKU's for the more recent US, Canadian and UK products are also on those pages. Those for international versions in Article 5.

Links to the trial versions, where applicable, can be found here (for US, UK, France, Japan and International versions).

You can purchase the products through amazon.co.uk as well as other stores.

Microsoft's Money Home Pages

Microsoft have some pages on their site which has some additional information for each region.There may be one or two other countries with pages, but as the number of different country versions of Money dwindles, these are being removed.

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