X's in account numbers field on the accounts list page in Money 2005

In Money 2005, Microsoft removed the ability to view, at a glance, all of your account numbers on the accounts list page. The resulting view is like the one below. Note how the account numbers have been mostly replaced by X's, hiding the view of the account number.

View of hashed out account numbers in money 2005

This is quite a strange change - it was probably done to provide some degree of protection of the account numbers from prying eyes (are you really using Money where you'll be overlooked?), and you can't do anything about it. Microsoft did neglect to do the same on the "account balances with details" report, so if it was done as a security measure, then it's not a particularly good one. The same accounts as above are listed below, but this time with the full account numbers against them.

View of same information in account balances with details report

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