A DLL is linked to missing export mfc42.dll

This error is normally seen when you have multiple mfc42.dll files on your system, and MS Money is picking up the wrong one (usually an older version).

Searching for the mfc42.dll file in WindowsTo solve this issue (which is not limited just to Microsoft Money, but can also occur in programs such as Microsoft Works), look for all mfc42.dll files by using Search or Find on your system. You can do this through the 'search' option on your Start menu. When you have found all of the files, start renaming them, for example, adding an 'old' extension on them - ie "mfc42.dll.old". Do not rename the file in the C:\Windows\System folder, as this is the system one which will be used for all programs.

After renaming the files, you should reinstall MSMoney. It is recommended that you uninstall MS Money first using Control Panel->Add/remove programs, before installing it again, as this should clear most of the files that Microsoft Money uses.

If you are using Microsoft Money 2005, then the update from November 2004 might not be installed on your system with the subsequent reinstallation. If you get errors and cannot open your Money file after reinstallation, open the sample.mny file or create a new file and let your windows system download and install the update. Then try opening your file again (see also Article 42).

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