Error 1606: Could Not Access Network Location

The Error 1606: Could not access network location is occasionally seen when trying to install Money.

This error can also affect a number of products besides Microsoft Money, and it usually indicates a dirty CD or DVD, or an unreliable network link. The first thing to try, to allow you to install the product, is to clean your installation disk with a soft cloth. If it is badly scratched, you may need a CD repair kit (use with risk though!)

If you can read the disk, but it doesn't install, copy the contents of the installation CD to your hard drive (create a temporary directory and copy it into it). I would suggest copying the whole CD or DVD, rather than any setup folder, just in case the installation requires more than just the Setup folder contents.

Next, try installing the product directly from the hard drive location (by clicking on a setup.exe or the .MSI installation file) that you copied the files into. If this doesn't work, then try some of the ideas below. If it does, delete the temporary directory after the product has installed.

Should the above not work, then there are some registry changes which might need to be made - however, try the copy to a temporary directory first before proceding.

Look at this KB article - Microsoft KB Article 886549 which explains how to check User Folders and ensure Windows is set up in a particular way.

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