Maximum size of a Microsoft Money file

There is no fixed limit of the size of a Microsoft Money file (at least caused by Microsoft Money, although there could be by Windows). Files have been known to be in excess of 50MB, some as much as 100MB (mine is currently around 38MB).

Files of this size would imply a lot of data - which is true, however the file size is not really a good indicator of how much data you can put in a file, as the size can also be dependent on the number of stock quotes or inventory entries you have. You can make a very large file by just keeping stock quote histories with no account register or transaction data.

Microsoft Money doesn't limit data entry, but with larger files come greater risks of corruption. So make sure you have a good backup strategy (my mechanism for pre-2006 versions is here). A couple of times in the newsgroups (Article 6), users who have phoned the Microsoft support line have been told that there is a maximum limit. If you've been told that, then the information is wrong.

See also Article 64 - Limitations of categories, payees and accounts for more (non-)limitations of Microsoft Money files.

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