Please create at least one current, savings or cash account before using the cash flow review

This can happen due to a number of things. For example, if you have closed accounts with income/expense categories associated to them (in the budget). Another reason can be if you have the options "Include this account in the budget planner" box checked or the "Use this account for budgeted savings goals" box checked (see Article 376).

You could see if the following workarounds fix the issue. Go to the account details options by clicking on the account from the account list, then click the "Change Account Details" from the "Common Tasks" panel area on the left of the screen.
  1. You should open any closed accounts and see whether the cash flow works again. Once you've opened them all, and if you've established it is working, then try closing those accounts again - this shouldn't affect the cash flow any more.
  2. Try closing one open account and then reopening it
  3. If you reopen your accounts and then remove them from the cash flow review list of accounts (select one, for example, that will remain open, and then close the account).
  4. Uncheck the "Include this account in the budget planner" box checked and the "Use this account for budgeted savings goals", then close the account.
As always, take a backup before doing such tasks, so you have something to fall back on if required.

Thanks to Dave Jenkins and Scott M for parts of this article

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