I've lost my Microsoft Money Password - help

If you lose or forget your password for your Microsoft Money file, then there are some mechanisms to getting it back. How you do so depends on whether you have a Microsoft Live ID (.NET Passport) or Password on the file.

Microsoft (.NET) Passport or Live ID

If you use Microsoft Passport/Windows Live ID, then firstly do not delete the account (if this is something you've considered, perhaps to try and recreate it again). Deleting it will cause lots of other issues, but most importantly, you will be unable to retrieve the data in your Money file. Microsoft Passport passwords can be changed or regenerated by going through to Windows Live Account - Reset Password and following the link. If you already have deleted the account, then if you are able to login "offline" into Money, you will at least have the ability to export your data and import it into a new file (see Article 28).

File Password

This is slightly more tricky. Firstly, try to guess it if you can - you should be enter a lot of attempts of the password without being locked out. If this doesn't work or you cannot think of the password, then you'll need to consider password recovery services. There are a number of them out there, but a google search may be the best option here to find them. Some commercial vendors may only be able to recover part of the password (although some may do this for free, which could help you remember a little of the password).

The Microsoft policy on assisting with forgotten or lost passwords is as follows:
Microsoft cannot help users in opening files that have been protected with a password. There are legal risks associated with doing this. We do not have the resources available to thoroughly investigate such requests to guarantee that there are no misrepresentations nor disputes of ownership of files. Software and consultants are available to help users to legitimately regain access to files they have protected with a password.
If you've obtained a Money file, for example, due to the incapacity or death of the original owner, Microsoft aren't going to help you and the commercial route may be the only way.

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