What are the features of the UK Microsoft Money 2002 Versions

The features of each version of Microsoft Money 2002 (UK Versions) are summarised in the table below. This corresponds to what is on the physical packaging. System Requirements can be found at Article 155.

Note that Microsoft Money 2002 was the last UK version which had a small business version (Personal and Business). It was also the last version where there was a substantial difference between the Standard and Financial Suite versions.

 StandardFinancial SuitePersonal & Business
Create an electronic chequebookxxx
Schedule bills and depositsxxx
Budget, track spending and view monthly reportsxxx
Download bank statements directly into Moneyxxx
Update investment prices online and synchronise with MSN Moneyxxx
Make better decisions on the Web with Money Viewerxxx
Track and forecast growth for ISAs and other saving accountsxxx
Prioritise financial goalsxxx
Set investment price and account balance alertsxxx
E-mail reports and chartsxxx
Debt Reduction Plannerxxx
Pension Planner Worksheetxxx
Mortgage Calculatorxxx
Calculate capital gainsxxx
Enhanced investing tools xx
Lifetime planner for retirement, home buying, university expenses, etc. xx
Create a family will xx
Track Air Miles and other loyalty schemes xx
Estimate tax on a company car xx
Create "what-if" scenarios xx
For small businesses
Track customers, suppliers, products and services  x
Create customer quotations, invoices and credit notes  x
Form designer allows you to customise invoices and other forms  x
Record supplier invoices  x
Record payments made and payments received  x
Enter adjustments into the Nominal Ledger  x
Produce a VAT report  x
Close off your accounts at the end of the year  x
Aged debtors, creditors and business snapshot reports  x

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