Cash Flow chart in Microsoft Money 2005 and 2006 Standard

If you are looking for the cash flow chart in the Microsoft Money Standard US versions 2005 or 2006, then this is no longer present.

Microsoft Product support will tell you, if you get in touch with them, that if you are using Microsoft Money Standard 2005/6, that "they are sorry to inform you that the Cash Flow feature is not available in that edition of Money 2005/6 according to the Product Group's feedback. However, it is available in the Deluxe, Premium and Small Business editions. This behavior is by design."

If you want to have this feature, you need to upgrade to one of the three mentioned versions above. Additionally, you will not find the cash flow chart in the Canadian version of 2005 or 2006, as these versions are built using the US standard version.

The chart underneath the register, also displays the cash flow for a particular account, however, please check Article 40 if you can't find it as it is removed in some versions.

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