Where do I get the downloadable version from, as I have lost the original file I obtained

When you purchase an online version of Money, you will download a part of the program which then downloads the rest of Microsoft Money to your machine. If you lose that part or 'stub' file, then you will need to download it again. To re-download the Money stub file, you can go to one of these Microsoft links, depending on your version of Money:Once you have downloaded and installed this stub file, reboot your computer before running the program. The remainder of the program will download when you use the Passport/Windows Live login in Money (this Passport must be the same one that you originally purchased Money with). Note that the version you download may be time limited, so you may need to reset your clock on your PC to run it.

If you have lost the download for Money 2007, which was supplied by Digital River, then you can use http://www.findmyorder.com to help you - you probably will need your order number here.

See also Article 131, which is related to the download of retail versions of Money.

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