The payee list in the account register does not include all of my payees

When entering a transaction in Microsoft Money through the transaction form at the bottom of the account register window, the payee list only shows payees that have been used in the last 12 months. Ones that are older than that are not shown.

Although older payees are not shown, you can still type them in. When typing them in, Money should autocomplete the entry of them, if it finds a match.

If Microsoft Money showed every payee in the list, the list would get incredibly long for some people, so the program has been deliberately designed so it remains at a manageable length.

There was a bug with Microsoft Money 2004 in that on February 29th 2004, the payee list was blank due to an error in the code. Because it was a leap year, the program did not calculate the start date of this list correctly, and showed nothing

Category: Accounts

Keywords: payee, register