Who is the provider of investment fund quotes

The prices for funds are obtained from a company called Morningstar. Links to Morningstar sites can be found through this MSN Weblink.

Fund prices are uploaded once each weekday to MSN Money and from there, Money can download your selected funds. Because the fund feed on MSN Money is updated once a day, there can be some lag between "real" prices from your fund provider and those reported in Money. This is especially true over the weekend and on Mondays, as if the Morningstar data isn't updated before MSN Money gets its information, prices from the Thursday could be reported on MSN Money until Monday evening.

The Morningstar site controls the list of funds on MSN Money - if a fund is dropped from Morningstar, then MSN Money will cease to update it. Funds are usually dropped because of one of the following conditions:
  • There is an error with the fund or Morningstar have made a mistake
  • The fund provider no longer wants it on their site
  • Something has happened to the fund - e.g. it has a new name, has been merged or rolled into another.
Before contacting Morningstar on the first two points above, it would be worth checking the third separately.

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