Money 98 and multi-disk backups

Money 98 was the first version of Money which used the new database format. This was also the first version which seriously made backup files hard to fit onto a single disk due to the increase in file size of the Money file. Ideally, you should save the file to an external hard disk or USB drive, but if you want to use floppies, then read on.

Originally, there was nothing to help you with this, until a patch became available. This patch is ONLY for Money 98 users. After running it, you'll have two new entries on your Tools menu: 'Multi-Disk Backup' and 'Multi-Disk Restore'.This tool will not work if Money is installed in the root folder of a drive (eg C:\Money). If you have done this, you will receive an error: "Money cannot load the wizard". If the product is stored in a subfolder (eg c:\Program Files\Money) then it should work.

The file name of the backup is fixed to Money98.x.mbf by design. The number 'x' is the disk number.

See also Article 199 and my backup page, which has information on how my backups are performed.

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