Where is the Important Records Organizer in Money 2005

This feature (which is also known as the 'Emergency Records Organizer') is still present in the product, but very buried and difficult to find.

The way to find it is to customize the Microsoft Money home page, and then add the 'home inventory' content panel. On the panel, the link to the important records organizer was there in it. See below for a home page screen shot showing the link to the organizer ('Organise Important Records').

The actual feature doesn't appear to have been developed for some time, and still has one or two bugs.

Important records organizer on Money home page

It is worth noting that this feature was not fully developed. It is not possible to print the details that you enter, with the exception of using screen prints, so its uses are limited.

You can use it as a store of personal data, as it allows for you to store the following data:
  • Emergency Info
  • Insurance details
  • Documents (such as Will, Passport and Power of Attorney)
  • Assets (not linked to asset accounts)
  • Accounts/Loans (not linked to Money accounts)
If you want to extract the data into another program, you will need to go to the 'Summary' option and then highlight all of the text (easiest way to do this is Ctrl-A). Copy the content by pressing Ctrl-C and then open Word or Google Docs and paste the information in (Ctrl-V). All of the records are copied and the format is mostly preserved.

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