Intuit Quicken discontinuation in the United Kingdom

On 17th January 2005, Intuit decided to withdraw from the UK market. They withdrew Quicken from sale shortly after this time.

Their statement said: "Intuit UK has made a difficult business decision to discontinue future development of Quicken products for the UK market. To help customers affected by this decision, we will continue providing access to Quicken customer support and online services through to the end of January 2006."

Some information on this can be found in this article: The relevant dates from the Quicken press release are as follows:
  • Quicken withdrawn from sale: 31, January 2005
  • Phone support (Quicken 2003, 2004) until: 31, January 2006
  • Email support (Quicken 2003, 2004) until: 31, January 2006
  • Online support until: 31, January, 2006
If you're a UK Intuit Quicken user and are wanting to investigate Microsoft Money, then you will find links to the Microsoft Money 2005 UK Standard on this site.

I've also seen some reports that if you obtain Quicken 2007 or later from the US, it does work. However, I have not verified this, so use at your own risk.

It it is unlikely to get companies such as Amazon US to ship software outside the US so you may have to search the internet for a copy somewhere else.

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