Budget planner errors in Microsoft Money 2002

If you see multple entries in your budget, or information that you have deleted still appearing in your budget, then you may need to reset the budget and re-enter the details of it. If resetting the budget does not work, and the problem is still there, then try the registry patched referenced below.

This problem can occur if you delete a bill or deposit in the bills and deposits area without ending the series first. To end the series, you must go to the entry in bills and deposits, and set the number of occurences left to be one. Then enter the bill so that it deletes from the bills and deposits list.

Unfortunately you can't do this retrospectively, unless you have a backup. It is something to remember for next time.

To try and fix this, first you should try and reset the budget plan. This can be done by going to Tools->Options (or Settings)->Planner Options. If this doesn't help, then try resetting the budget by using the patch in the Microsoft Money 2002 section on the Patches Page.

This fix does not fix the problem in every case!

Category: Budget

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