Microsoft Money Trial Versions

Below are some of the trial downloads for Microsoft Money. Microsoft usually offer trial versions (trialware) for all of the Money products in one year. Trial versions will be exactly the same as the retail versions (although check on the product you are actually getting, as you may be getting a Deluxe version trial rather than another version like Premium or Small Business). Trial versions are removed below when they are no longer available.

See FAQ Article 101 for more information on trial versions.

Microsoft Money Plus (2008)

The trial versions for Microsoft Money Plus are now available. There are three trial version for the US market.

Microsoft Money 2007

The trial version for the US version is now available. There are two trial versions - one for the Deluxe version and another for the Money Essentials version.

Microsoft Money 2006

There will be no other trial versions this year (this includes International, UK and French - see FAQ Article 220).

Microsoft Money 2005

The US, UK, French and International versions are no longer available. - It is now not possible to try these before you buy. You will need to purchase a version if you wish to see it. If you don't like it, you may have to return the software through the retailer's mechanism or direct to Microsoft (FAQ Article 72).

Microsoft have told me that there will not be a new trial version for any MS Money 2005 version. If anyone still has a copy of the UK 2005 Trial, then please let me know.

Microsoft Money 2004

Money 2004 (US edition) has been re-released to fix a problem with upgrade of Money 99 and earlier versions (see also FAQ Article 294).

No other trial versions are available.

Microsoft Money 2002

No other trials are available. If anyone still has a copy of the French 2002 trial, then please let me know. The UK 2002 trial can be obtained from me under certain circumstances.

Microsoft Money 2003, 2001 and earlier

No other trials are available (all versions).

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