Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) Software for Microsoft (MS) Money

On this page are all of the versions of Microsoft Money for the PocketPC which have been distributed. Some of these programs may still be available at the Microsoft Windows Mobile site. Note that it is important to match the Money for the Pocket PC version with that of the desktop Microsoft Money version (see FAQ Article 87). The downloads below will only work on Pocket PC's. If you have a Palm, then see FAQ Article 84.

Other downloads for Microsoft Money can be referenced here. FAQ Articles regarding the Pocket PC/Windows Mobile software can be found on the PocketPC FAQ pages.

Note that there are no localized versions of this product.

Recent Versions of Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC

  Product System Requirements Notes
2007   See FAQ Article 415  
2006 MS Money 2006 FAQ Article 271 [Added 8th September 2005]
2005 MS Money 2005 FAQ Article 272  
2004 MS Money 2004 FAQ Article 273  
2003 MS Money 2003 FAQ Article 274 (requires Windows Mobile 2002 - see FAQ Article 243 for a workaround for Windows Mobile 2003)

Older versions of Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC

  Product System Requirements Notes
2002 MS Money 2002 FAQ Article 307 Pocket PC 2002 only
MS Money 2002 Update for Pocket PC 2000 users
2001 MS Money 2001 FAQ Article 308 Update installation

There were no versions of Money for the Pocket PC produced for Microsoft Money 2000 and earlier.

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