Microsoft (MS) Money Patches and Fixes

On this page are a number of patches, fixes and downloads for many versions of Microsoft Money. Before applying any patches or fixes, make sure you backup your Microsoft Money file. Use of these fixes or patches is at your own risk - do not apply them unless you are sure that you both need the patch and know what you are doing.

Some of the historical patches which are listed below may not be required for re-installations, as they could be automatically installed with Smartconnect (Article 230).

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Patches for all MS Money Versions

Microsoft Money Plus (2008) Patches

Microsoft Money 2007 Patches

Microsoft Money 2006 Patches

Microsoft Money 2005 Patches

There is one additional patch worth mentioning. The QFE#2 or 1105 patch. This is not downloadable as a separate file, but will automatically install when you go online with Microsoft Money 2005, if you don't have it. See Article 42.

Microsoft Money 2004 Patches

Microsoft Money 2003 Patches

Microsoft Money 2002 Patches

Patches for Microsoft Money 2001 and earlier

These are now located on their own page. See

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