Dual-Cat Reg Key

Good feedback, though I'd like to address how we think of users.

Though we do tend to build up user models that obviously don't reflect exact people, I don't think that they are exactly mythical. They are abstract, but based on reasonably deep and credible data. We use the results of focus groups, surveys, customer surveys, PSS roll-ups, email requests, beta feedback and even ad hoc review of newsgroup posts.

We've built out two detailed user profiles, one that would like to use the Advanced register and one that would like to use the Essential register. I'm not surprised if many readers and posters in this newsgroup identify with the Advanced register user; I probably do myself. It's possible, though, that some users will want to use both registers (on different accounts), and we may find simple, direct, and complete ways to accomplish tasks that satisfy both users.

It is incorrect to state that the development team doesn't use the product. Many of us were users before we were on the Money team. We don't, however, design the product merely to suit ourselves. In some cases I use the features in ways that I don't prefer, in part to make sure that I understand how they work. We have learned that no small group of users can be the sole model for our feature design.

Note: You can get the dual category registry key on the patches page

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