Upcoming product update

In the next couple of days, we'll be releasing a significant product update for Money 2005. This update addresses many issues you have reported to us over the past couple of months.

I'd like to thank the newsgroup users for certain things during this period:

  1. We really appreciate the feedback we get from this newsgroup. Unfortunately, we can't always respond directly to it, but this is a major source of information (along with Product Support reports and Watson logs) that we have used to shape this update.
  2. I'd like to call out the MVPs for doing a great job of explaining issues and reporting solutions in the past few weeks.
  3. And thanks to the rest of the newsgroup posters that have lent a helping hand. I'm impressed again with the quality of the advice that can be found here for both beginning and expert Money users. And the FAQs are great resources that represent a lot of well-appreciated work.

At a highest level we have updates for the following areas:

  1. Issues with account balances and duplicate accounts, especially for users who have upgraded from a previous version of Money to Money '05
  2. Restoring from backups
  3. MSN Money synchronization / "access your data from any computer" issues (which also supports Yodlee account aggregation)
  4. Watson reports
  5. Portfolio Manager (Total Return calculations, subtotal issues, issues with not displaying the "Name" column)
  6. Various OFX driver/connectivity issues

While we do collect feedback from a variety of sources, it is almost exclusively the result of newsgroup feedback (with support from our beta users) that we have re-enabled the double category dropdowns. We will now have a registry key to enable this described on the Product support site, and I'll relay it to this newsgroup.

Thank you, again. Please continue to provide feedback, add comments, and support each other in this group, and we'll keep listening. I'll have some follow up posts during the next couple of days.

-Russ Paul-Jones
MSN Money

Note: You can get the dual category registry key on the patches page

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