A Note from the Product Team


I have been working on Microsoft Money for twelve years, and many regular readers of this newsgroup will remember that I have posted here from time to time. I want to let you know that I have been reading this newsgroup lately, and the product team is responding to your concerns.

Many Money team members have been reading the news here, and we are happy that this newsgroup is a good source of information for our customers. The MVPs and other experts do a great job of answering the questions that are posed.

In this case, I will speak for the product group directly. We are looking at the feedback that customers are giving us with Money 2005, especially with setting up online accounts and roaming financial data. We have already deployed some fixes in these areas; the first product update has already been downloaded by many customers, and we made some improvements to the server side of the software earlier this week.

As we continue to investigate this feedback, we will deploy more updates in the best way possible, and I will communicate the progress in this newsgroup. This work is our top priority.

Perhaps as importantly, in investigating your feedback, we will look for ways for you to work with these areas of the product now. We will post these suggestions here.

We worked hard to make Money 2005 connect to many more banks than previous versions, and we are committed to making the experience more than acceptable.

-Russ Paul-Jones
MSN Money

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