File lockout update

Redmond, July 28, 2004, 23:15 PDT

Here is the current status on the lockout issue.

We are working to restore the original locks on these files. (See my earlier posting for a more detailed description.) It is our expectation that, when fixed, this will not require any downloads (or uploads), but the solution may require a connection to our web site. This was not caused by any download of Money software, and we don't think that a download will be necessary to fix it.

We are not sure whether every user will be fixed automatically, or if some manual steps will need to be done. If there are manual steps, we will publish them through many outlets, including this forum.

We will not compromise your privacy in our solution. Your files will only be able to be opened with your own login information.

Many of you have offered to help us when we have a solution ready. Thanks. If you are interested, drop a note to; we'll use your email address to contact you if necessary.

We don't have a firm ETA on the solution; we are working to get it done as soon as possible without comprising your privacy. In the meantime, some folks should be able to use our web services (or the web services of your bank) to get some immediate work (like bill pay) done. As some other folks on this forum have noted, reverting to backups made before Monday should work as well.

-Russ Paul-Jones
MSN Money

Note: The email address above is no longer valid

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